While I have owned and used a variety of photography equipment over the years, my primary line of choice, at this point in time is, Olympus.  Earlier I have used Yashica-Mat, Minolta,  Canon and Nikon

In high school, I used a twin-lens reflex 2 1/4 X 2 1/4 Yashica-Mat camera and then I moved into the SLR format with the Minolta SRT-101.  Little did I know that the Minolta would be the catalyst for Fran and me to meet at Furman University several years later.

In the late ’90s I moved into the Canon realm of SLR’s with the EOS 40D.  That camera served me well for a number of years.  The highlight trip with that camera was a 2-week trip to Alaska.

After we began SCUBA diving in 2002 I used a Nikon point and shoot to begin my underwater photography adventures.  After many frustrating dives with an underwater photo system was pieced together I spent some time with the photo pros at Cathy Church’s Photo Centre at Sunset House on Grand Cayman.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed a turn-key underwater system and I settled on the Olympus e-620 camera.  In 2009 I had the privilege of taking the “Digital Underwater Photographer” PADI speciality class with Cathy Church.